5 Minutes

May 6, 2010


5 Minutes and my train was at Alkmaar Central.  The Sun was shining( What strange is in Holland) My traintraveler went out in Heiloo. So the seat before me was empty. A guy with a suitcase came to sit before me.

I did not knew anything about him. He did not knew me. I was fighting with my earphones and he was taken his seat.

What a lovely weather he said. I agreed with him. And we start just a random conversation. I wanted to knew where he was going (First to his parents then to China). We talked about school and his work.

It wasn’t a long conversation. Just 5 minutes. But I knew this guys life. And he knew my. What a nice guy.

We separated at Alkmaar. He went left and I right. When I walked away I was thinking about the situation. And came to the conclusion. Everybody in Holland must be that nice.

Just for 5 minutes


Twente Champion

May 6, 2010

This weekend the decision was made. Who is the champion of Dutch Soccer 2010
Ajax Amsterdam or FC Twente.

I Wasn’t following the matches. I was supporting my own club (AZ Alkmaar) against PSV Eindhoven.
What a terrible matches. AZ missed chance by chance. Still PSV was Better. So it wasn’t a surprise that it was going to be 0-1 first. After a fault of Ooier(PSV( Damn were taking him to the World Cup)) El Ham scored the 1-1. Feyenoord Rotterdam Won of Heereveen (6-2) so AZ ended 5e. But we still have European Football

But we’re talking about the Championship. Twente or Ajax. David or Golliath. And they played against NAC and NEC. Ajax scored first. 0-1 against NEC . Everybody in Alkmaar was following the match by radio on there mobile. Nobody was cheering.

Minutes Later. PSV or AZ didn’t make a goal. But the whole stadium was exploding. Everbody yelled “Helemaal niet in Amsterdam”(Nothing in Amsterdam). And Everbody knew it. It was 0-1 For Twente.

Ajax scored and Scored. 0-4 was it. And  FC Twente wasn’t scoring. Until..

Everbody exploded. It was over. Twente scored 0-2. Ajax Won with 1-4. But it was over


Our Champion

And the funny thing. Nobody is talking about football anymore. I live in a strange country

South Park Is Back

April 22, 2010

South Park Did It Again
Man Oh Man What Do I Love This Show

I Was On A Break. But Now I’m back again

It’s really amazing what they did in the 200 and 201 Episode
Matt And Trey are really Heroes

And what’s the fuzz about Muhammed, It’s Like the best episode ever

I Ain’t going to tell Any Thing

One Teaser: You will know Cartman’s Real dad. Nobody could predict it
Facebook episode is also great

Seriously. I Love South Park

Dutch Soccer Mania

April 21, 2010

Here in Holland We LOVE Soccer

Every boy wants to be like Van Persie, Kluivert or a Bergkamp. And almost every boy is practicing soccer
When I Was Young, I Also played some soccer.  But I Preferred Basketball

In the Dutch competition it is really tight. We have two teams that can win. FC Twente and Ajax. Soccer fans know Ajax. Ajax is a really big soccer club that had their clubhouse in Amsterdam. The Capital
I Don’t think you will know FC Twente. It’s a club in the middle of nowhere

But Soccer is sport number 1. And the competition is really tight(1 point) with one game to go. So everybody is talking about soccer.  And then I Mean. EVERYBODY
My parents, Classmates, Police, Friends, Politicians, Bus Drivers and more
And that brings another problem: I’m hearing or seeing it everywhere
On the television, At school, At the bus station, In The Newspaper, at Work and more

I Love soccer to. But this is going to be a bit out of control. This morning someone (who I don’t know) came to me saying: Who do you think who will win this season. Ajax or Twente?
I’m Like FC Twente. I hate Ajax. He is like: Oh Are you a Feyenoorder (Feyenoord Rotterdam is the rival of Ajax Amsterdam). My Reaction was No no I’m for AZ Alkmaar. I’m Happy we have European Football next Season.

His reaction was Oke. And he was gone. I was standing there like: What the hell. But oke.
In the train I was reading the sports sector.  Another guy came to me. What do you think of the action of Feyenoord( Feyenoord Fans went this weekend to their own players and said. You must lose from FC Twente because the Ajax won’t win) I thought it was a sad case. And so I talked with this guy for like a half hour. Great talk but what the hell. If their wasn’t football he won’t spoke to me.

Football/Soccer is banding us. If the competition wasn’t that tight the other four persons won’t talked to me

Conclusion: Soccer haters. Love soccer and you will have more friends.
I’m out. Going to watch Bayer Munchen with old AZ coach Louis Van Gaal


April 21, 2010

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