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5 Minutes

May 6, 2010


5 Minutes and my train was at Alkmaar Central.  The Sun was shining( What strange is in Holland) My traintraveler went out in Heiloo. So the seat before me was empty. A guy with a suitcase came to sit before me.

I did not knew anything about him. He did not knew me. I was fighting with my earphones and he was taken his seat.

What a lovely weather he said. I agreed with him. And we start just a random conversation. I wanted to knew where he was going (First to his parents then to China). We talked about school and his work.

It wasn’t a long conversation. Just 5 minutes. But I knew this guys life. And he knew my. What a nice guy.

We separated at Alkmaar. He went left and I right. When I walked away I was thinking about the situation. And came to the conclusion. Everybody in Holland must be that nice.

Just for 5 minutes